I have trouble summarizing, even as a writer. I tend not to dwell on the past, to the point that I have to scribble notes to figure out how old I am when people ask. My life looks boring to a biographer, just now, and I like it that way, it gives me time to clean the fish tank. I own too many cats, who have high standards when it comes to litter boxes. Let’s just say I am a great believer in consequences, and leave it at that.

About the Author will take you to further discussion on how I ended up writing.

Bibliography will take you to the listing of works completed so far.

About the Series will take you to more details on the Teot’s War series of sf & f books.

Short Stuff will take you to a goody page of links. There’s pdf scans of short stories, research and maps related to the Teot series.

Chlorophyll will take you to one of my other non-work and non-writing activities. This one’s pretty messy, truth be told.

Wetlab will take you to another messy non-work preoccupation.

Site Archives take you to old blog-type comments carried over from the ghosts of ancient websites past, if you were interested in seeing how things develop, and just how far back all this goes.

Rather than maintaining an entire page of links that always need updating, I’ve posted lots of bizarre and useful links, with tags, here: http://del.icio.us/hgladney

I do irregular updates on a personal soapbox. I vent on social justice issues, national politics, fandom, traveling, I give recs for fics that I like and I push great blogs at other people. Part of this is because I believe real democracy is a discussion between people who don’t have to agree with each other. It’s not always comfortable. Give us all some references and points to consider why your unique viewpoint might be right. http://nagasvoice.livejournal.com/

On a more irregular basis, when I have some progress to report, I will update on a more writing-oriented blog here: http://www.ibdof.com/viewforum.php?f=1798

I welcome comments and feedback from readers, fans, and folks who organize things such as running conventions and other large-scale collaborative efforts. I’m aware it’s just like herding cats, and I for one try to make sure people know I appreciate the work that goes into the events I enjoy visiting.

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